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Personalized guitar lesson plans on your schedule and at your own pace so you get on track and stay on track.

  • Never waste time wondering what to practice next...
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  • Slow down, loop, or repeat any section of any lesson with just a click of a mouse button...

Success Stories

“I used to search for free lessons on the internet but most of the stuff I found was not very good. Your lessons are straightforward, comprehensive and fun. Thanks for the great site.”

Justin D.

“Just want to say you have a Great site. I have been playing a long time and learning is easy and fun on your site. You also have great support, I did not expect a reply on Sunday morning, thought I would get a reply tomorrow. 5 minute reply is unreal. You guys are great.”

James G.

“I have tried many other books and sites on the internet but none of them were anywhere close. It is written so precise that even an old dog like me can understand. It works, truly it does because I am now beginning to read music and even play a few short songs. I can’t stress it enough. I have not regretted subscribing not for one minute. I am sure you have heard the old saying; you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. Well, I am here to tell you that you can, because I am 61 years old and learning to play the guitar, thanks to this site.”

Earlene G.

“I love the product – my chops have gotten much better in just a week it is really fun. I travel for business and your product along with my Speedster Travel Guitar are the perfect combination to allow me to continue to progress without relying on lugging a ton of DVDs or course ware with me. Well done.”

Andy B.

“As a 45 year veteran musician (electric bass) with a Master’s Degree in music composition and with an Emmy to show for my efforts along the way, plus many credits in my Hollywood session/ live gig days, I want to tell you I think your program is tops! It is by far the best training aid I have ever seen for learning guitar. I have taught guitar most of my life and now realize that I have been replaced by you guys! Awesome software/ program. I applaud you folks.”

Marc W.