Learn To Play Guitar Online
Faster Than Ever Before...

Personalized guitar lesson plans on your schedule and at your own pace so you get on track and stay on track.

  • Never waste time wondering what to practice next...
  • With the amazing iPerform3D MoCap360 Engine you can see your instructor from any angle at any time...
  • Slow down, loop, or repeat any section of any lesson with just a click of a mouse button...

Have you been frustrated trying to learn to play the guitar?

Well it’s not surprising when you think about the “instructors” on YouTube who all seem to say something different (and somehow always manage to leave out the most important part...)

To the monstrous online guitar lesson sites that take your money and say “Here you go...” leaving you with no clue where to start and what path to follow... And all the time you are wasting when you bounce from video to video doesn’t leave much time left over to actually play your guitar.

So it’s no wonder that so many guitarists just like you are struggling more than ever to learn the guitar… and in the age where so much information is available online that learning is supposed to be easier than ever before.

That’s why the new iPerform3D is more than just another online guitar lesson site. With iPerform3D you get more than just entry to the vault, you also get the guidance you’ll need to get on track, stay on track, and play guitar faster than ever before.

Time Is Not On Your Side…

When we designed the curriculum at iPerform3D, not only were we ruthless in our process of auditioning the very best instructors in the world… we were adamant that each online lesson be short and compact so that they can be done in 15 minutes or less.

Because we all have those days - or even most days - when 15 minutes is all you might get on your guitar!

So wouldn’t it be great to know that in those 15 minutes you are getting the absolute most benefit?

That’s what the new iPerform3D online guitar lessons are all about - maximizing your time and getting you on the fast track to playing what you want to play.

What Makes The New iPerform3D Different Than All Those Other Online Guitar Lesson Sites?

I’ll admit, the new iPerform3D does share some things in common with most of the other “online guitar lesson” sites out there… we have lessons in a variety of styles, all skill levels, and videos galore.

But that’s where the similarities end…

Inside the new iPerform3D you’ll also get:

Just imagine opening your email on whatever day you chose as your “guitar lesson day” to see your next lesson right there in your inbox. All you have to do is click the link to open it up… and start playing.

At a quick glance you’ll know the objective of the lesson right away. Then after checking out the Tone Tips and a demonstration by the instructor you dial up your tone and launch into the MoCap360.

From within the MoCap360 Engine you’ll be able to look at your instructor’s hands from any angle, slow things down, speed them up, and loop those tough sections over and over so it makes perfect sense to you. No other onliine guitar lesson site offers this technology.

Then before you know it, you are actually making some music and having fun along the way (and maybe for once getting a “Hey, that sounded pretty good” when you’re done.)

The iPerform3D Story...

Now it might surprise you to know that after playing guitar on and off for years (actually decades), I found myself completely frustrated and discouraged… and even a little bored with my playing.

I wasn’t progressing at all... just spinning my wheels playing the same old riffs and easy songs that I always played.

Then one day I saw a quote by one of my guitar heroes, Jimi Hendrix…

“Sometimes you want to give up the guitar, you’ll hate the guitar. But if you stick with it, you’re gonna be rewarded.” - Jimi Hendrix

And silly as it might sound, somehow knowing that I was not alone made me feel a little better.

But it didn’t help me get out of my rut and get back on track…

And then you know how it goes… the older I got, the more life started getting in the way.

Between work, wife, kids (and kids sports!), home repairs, yard work, “honey do” lists, and on and on… who has time for guitar?

It was looking pretty dismal.

Sure I’d take a little time here and there with it – and I bought all kinds of music books, dvd’s, blank transcription paper, new strings for my guitar, a subscription to one of the guitar mags… just about everything I could think of to push me in the right direction…

But you know how this story ends… none of it worked.

In fact, I just got so overwhelmed I started playing LESS.

It was so bad that I started feeling guilty every time I caught a glimpse of my lonely guitar sitting all by itself in its uncomfortable stand BEGGING me to play it.

And there was only one way to fix that… put the guitar in the closet!

Now my guitar was not only lonely and uncomfortable… it was in solitary confinement.

Finally I took a friend’s advice and signed up for private lessons with his instructor. (Don’t ask me how I thought I was going to find the time to get to him on my lesson days.)

Now it turns out that this wasn’t just ANY instructor… it was Steve Trovato. You might own some of Steve’s books or DVD’s… or you might have seen him featured in Guitar World or Guitar Player.

Steve is a world renowned guitar professional who’s been teaching guitar for nearly three decades. He teaches at the prestigious USC School Of Music and at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood (not to mention… this guy can play.)

After sharing my story of frustration with Steve… and telling him about my search for the ultimate self-teaching guitar tool (which came after I missed like 3 lessons in a row,) we put our heads together and scratched out an outline of what guitar instruction really should look like….

And from that basic concept we added in some top shelf instructors… a few technology gurus… and a LOT of time and hard work and VOILA! – iPerform3D was born.

Sure, it wasn’t easy, but I’m sure you’ll agree that the results are well worth it.

Success Stories

“I used to search for free lessons on the internet but most of the stuff I found was not very good. Your lessons are straightforward, comprehensive and fun. Thanks for the great site.”

Justin D.

“Just want to say you have a Great site. I have been playing a long time and learning is easy and fun on your site. You also have great support, I did not expect a reply on Sunday morning, thought I would get a reply tomorrow. 5 minute reply is unreal. You guys are great.”

James G.

“I have tried many other books and sites on the internet but none of them were anywhere close. It is written so precise that even an old dog like me can understand. It works, truly it does because I am now beginning to read music and even play a few short songs. I can’t stress it enough. I have not regretted subscribing not for one minute. I am sure you have heard the old saying; you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. Well, I am here to tell you that you can, because I am 61 years old and learning to play the guitar, thanks to this site.”

Earlene G.

“I love the product – my chops have gotten much better in just a week it is really fun. I travel for business and your product along with my Speedster Travel Guitar are the perfect combination to allow me to continue to progress without relying on lugging a ton of DVDs or course ware with me. Well done.”

Andy B.

“As a 45 year veteran musician (electric bass) with a Master’s Degree in music composition and with an Emmy to show for my efforts along the way, plus many credits in my Hollywood session/ live gig days, I want to tell you I think your program is tops! It is by far the best training aid I have ever seen for learning guitar. I have taught guitar most of my life and now realize that I have been replaced by you guys! Awesome software/ program. I applaud you folks.”

Marc W.